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Content to Conversion for Luxury Consumers PlaybookChina Social Commerce Report 2023

Get the latest trends, stats, and tips on how to optimise content creation and sequencing with AI for maximum conversion!
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  • Overview of the China Luxury Market

  • China's New Social Commerce Landscape

  • How to Fight the Battle of Content on Social

  • Optimising Brand Storytelling with AI-powered Content Sequencing

  • Leveraging the Power of AI in Customer Journeys

  • The Power of Generative AI in Social Marketing

......... and so much more for you to discover!


Here's a sneak peek of the content:

The Power of a Coherent Brand Narrative:

In today's digital age, the key to engaging audiences and building lasting customer loyalty is no longer relying on a single piece of content, but rather a series of compelling brand stories that effectively communicate brand values and narrative, enhanced with data-driven insights.

The Potential of Social Media to Drive E-Commerce Conversion:

Discover the potential of social media as a gas pedal for boosting commerce, especially for millennial consumers.

Application of Data and AI:

How data and AI can be used to optimize content creation, meet consumer preferences, and leverage the full potential of generative AI technology to personalize content delivery and enable a highly personalized customer experience.

Data Integration and Automation:

How to integrate data in a compliant manner to automate content delivery that delivers the most value to consumers, and continuously measure and optimize through algorithms.



iBLUE is China's independent agency bringing together performative strategies and insight-led creativity. We develop brand communications that moves your audience and your business. We develop highly performing brand communications and set the stage for brand and people to connect, bond and grow. We support brands to grow and win in China, Asia and beyond through a complete array of marketing and creative solutions


ChatLabs, the winner of the LVMH Innovation Award for Data & AI, specialises in creating hyper-personalised experiences for consumers by helping brands integrate data from social channels into their own systems and customer relationship management (CRM) in a secure and compliant manner. Our Social Experiences Platform (SXP) takes in the context of Social Media and the behaviour of the customers and then uses the power of AI to allow brands to tell their stories and share their values in a hyper-personalised manner. We aim to transform how brands engage and nurture loyalty with consumers.

ChatLabs works with several leading global brands in the luxury, retail, financial services, tourism industries including Richemont, Chopard, Shiseido, LVMH, La Prairie, Shangri-La, United Airlines, HSBC, and more.

ChatLabs is headquartered in New York City with offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and London. Visit www.chatlabs.com to learn more.

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