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Leverage the Power of Generative AI to Automate Hyper-personalised Experiences with ChatLabs Social Experience platform (SXP)

Social eXperiences Platform (SXP)

The ChatLabs Social Experience Platform is architected as a headless platform, based on MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) principles. It allows brands to compose any experience using ChatLabs native functions or those of global platforms via its platform connectors.
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ChatLabs SXP Infrastructure

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Let us know, we'd love to show you its power in captivating, nurturing, and converting users.

Our Technology Partners

ChatLabs collaborates with technology partners to develop compliant cross-border data connectors, enabling brands to unify customer profiles and implement data-driven strategies.

By integrating SXP with platforms like Salesforce, CommerceTools, and Adobe, brands can take customer engagement to new heights with hyper-personalized experiences.

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Leading CRM platform for brands

Share data for Social Platforms such as WeChat with Salesforce Marketing Solutions, enable Commerce Cloud on Social Channels and offer Service Cloud access to agents via WeCom.

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Next generation commerce

ChatLabs partners with Commercetools for scalable & customizable social experience management leveraging composable commerce.

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Hyper-personalized Experiences

ChatLabs facilitates native, real-time data integration with all social media channels in Adobe, enabling businesses to create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

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Global ERP Software Leader

Leverage ChatLabs' expertise within SAP's ecosystem, driving better customer experiences and unlocking valuable insights for improved decision-making.


Be the First to Leverage the Power of AI in Social Commerce

Sign up for our Early Adopters Program to be one of the first brands that use Generative AI to automate the construction of hyper-personalised customer journeys that truly captivates customers any where, on any channel.

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Reduce Bounce Rate

From Social Traffic

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Maximise Engagement

on Social Channels

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Increase Conversion from Social Commerce

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Large & Rich

Customer Data Pool

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Lean Operations for

Social Commerce Channels

Our ChatLabs SXP platform is currently only available for selected brands.

If you are ready to become a pioneer in the adoption of generative journeys apply here. Only a few spots left!

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