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Discover how generative AI journeys can use social media data & real-time consumer behavior to automatically curate personalised customer experiences.

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ChatLabs latest AI-powered Social Experiences Platform Announced by LVMH as a Finalist for the 2023 LVMH Innovation Award!

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The Current Challenge

High Social Traffic Drop-off

Consumer behavior is changing at a pace like never seen before. They spend most of their time on Social Media within an inspiring fully personalised creative environment, but when they motivated to learn more and are directed to the brand’s own experience, they are often disappointed and abandon their exploration journey.
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traditional ecommerce vs memorable social commerce

From Traditional Ecommerce to AI Social Commerce

In order to keep these consumers engaged, we believe brands radically need to rethink the user experience for these consumers, by taking the best elements of Social Media and incorporating this in their own digital experience.

Leveraging the Power of Generative AI in Social Experiences Across All Channels

ChatLabs’ generative journeys, takes in the context of Social Media and the behavior of the customer and then uses the power of AI to allow brands to tell their stories and share their values in a hyper-personalized manner. Brands can now direct their traffic, to an elevated contextual consumer experience, that engages them in a creative and more meaningful manner and puts them on a tailored path towards a particular brand goal.

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Highly-Engaging Content Feed Hyper-personalised for Every Single User

Consumers will end up on a brand-owned and controlled experience, which feels similar to what they are used to on Social Media. They can swipe through a personalised content feed and are invited to interact with the brand as they go on their exploration journey. The possible interactions again are determined based on the preferences of this type of consumer.
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Increase Engagement & Inspire Action

Consumers now feel they are exploring an experience that is tailored to their needs and are highly engaged. This reduces bounce rate from Social Media and increased goal conversion. Additionaly, the brand gains valuable data & insights on whomever uses this experience with a new channel that is operationally extremely efficient.

The Innovative Technology Behind Every Unique Hyper-personalised Customer Experience

Beyond the generative journey model, there are underpinning capabilities such as data unification, social channel integration, ecommerce functions and customer service. Click below to learn how ChatLabs’ innovative AI-powered social experiences solution enables brands to fully automate hyper-personalised unique customer journeys for every single customer.
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content feed (For you page)

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Generative AI

Customer Journeys

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Real-time Behavioural

Data Collection

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Automatic Intent

Cohort Assignment

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Operations Optimisation

Machine Learning


Be the First to Leverage the Power of AI in Social Commerce

Sign up for our Early Adopters Program to be one of the first brands that use Generative AI to automate the construction of hyper-personalised customer journeys that truly captivates customers any where, on any channel.

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Reduce Bounce Rate

From Social Traffic

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Maximise Engagement

on Social Channels

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Increase Conversion from Social Commerce

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Large & Rich

Customer Data Pool

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Lean Operations for

Social Commerce Channels

Our ChatLabs SXP platform is currently only available for selected brands.

If you are ready to become a pioneer in the adoption of generative journeys apply here. Only a few spots left!

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