China Social Commerce Report 2023China Social Commerce Report 2023

The Definitive Guide to Mastering Social Commerce in China: Get 230+ Page Report of Extensive Insights into the Latest Trends, Technologies, and StrategiesThe Definitive Guide to Mastering Social Commerce in China: Get 230+ Page Report of Extensive Insights into the Latest Trends, Technologies, and Strategies
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  • What is Social Commerce

  • Consumer Insights in the Social Commerce Era

  • Social Commerce Consumer Journeys and Tech

  • 4 Social Commerce Trends

  • 5 Social Commerce Strategies in China for 2023

......... and so much more for you to discover!


Welcome to the world of Social Commerce! If you're ready to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the latest trends in retail, you won't want to miss out on "China Social Commerce Report 2023." This comprehensive report, brought to you by Alarice and ChatLabs, is packed with insights and strategies to help your business thrive in the new era of social commerce.

The post-pandemic world has brought about significant changes in the retail landscape, and social commerce has emerged as a driving force for growth. With the market projected to reach a staggering $1.3 trillion in 2023, 308% up from the previous year's global revenue of $958 billion, businesses must adapt quickly to stay competitive.

China, a leader in social commerce, offers valuable lessons and innovative approaches that businesses worldwide can learn from. This report explores the latest trends, technologies, and strategies shaping the industry, providing a deep dive into China's expertise.

With 230 pages of in-depth analysis and practical insights, this report is a must-read for any business looking to broaden its reach and engage customers through novel methods. Whether you're a startup or an established brand, this report equips you with the knowledge to excel in the social commerce era and establish a strong foundation for future growth.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the game! Download "Social Commerce: How to Build the Future of Retail 2023 - Lessons for and from China" now and discover how to unlock the vast potential of social commerce. Contact us with any China-related questions, and let's build a brighter future for retail together.


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Alarice International is an award-winning China digital consultancy with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. it started in 2011 with a mission to help international brands succeed in the mainland China market. Working with brands such as Genting Group, Sa Sa and Preciosa in its early days, it expanded to serve some of the world's largest brands including Coca Cola, J&J, Crocs, Disneyland, BMW, Richemont, Colgate Palmolive, P&G, SK-II, Shiseido, Nestle, BOA, HSBC, Jack Daniel's, Adobe and Huawei among many others.

It has 2 brands: Alarice and ChoZan.

Alarice was established in 2011 as a digital marketing agency focusing on helping foreign brands to enter the Chinese market. ChoZan was established later in 2016 as a trend watching and digital consulting company to work with multinationals and global tech companies learning both for China and from China.


ChatLabs, the winner of the LVMH Innovation Award for Data & AI, specialises in creating hyper-personalised experiences for consumers by helping brands integrate data from social channels into their own systems and customer relationship management (CRM) in a secure and compliant manner. Our Social Experiences Platform (SXP) takes in the context of Social Media and the behaviour of the customers and then uses the power of AI to allow brands to tell their stories and share their values in a hyper-personalised manner. We aim to transform how brands engage and nurture loyalty with consumers.

ChatLabs works with several leading global brands in the luxury, retail, financial services, tourism industries including Richemont, Chopard, Shiseido, LVMH, La Prairie, Shangri-La, United Airlines, HSBC, and more.

ChatLabs is headquartered in New York City with offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and London. Visit to learn more.

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