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How to Sell Luxury Leather Goods in China?

Friday, Feb. 17, 2023 | Joyphie Yu

A few luxury brands have leveraged 5 WeChat features to their best to sell leather goods more effectively in China. 

As the Chinese luxury leather goods market continues to grow, more and more brands are looking to tap into the potential of the DTC (direct-to-customer) social commerce model. WeChat, with its huge user base and built-in payment system, is one of the most popular DTC platforms for luxury brands to sell their leather goods. 

However, simply setting up a WeChat storefront is not enough to guarantee success – you need to have a good understanding of your customers and their needs in order to sell luxury leather goods effectively on this platform. 

We look at 5 best-in-class examples on WeChat where luxury brands in China have employed some WeChat features to successfully market luxury leather goods on this platform: 


Engage: WeChat Welcome Journey Binding

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Delvaux offers a variety of CTAs to nudge users along the customer journey:

  • Register as member to receive the latest news

  • Explore the newest collection

  • Locate the nearest boutique

  • Shop to explore exquisite products

  • Explore the latest (holiday-related) campaign

O2O Conversion:

Invite users to send their location and receive a pin of the nearest store.

Redirection to Conversion:

Redirect users to an online shop with an eye-catching WeChat Storefront (Mini Program) card.

With a myriad of ‘next steps’ to choose from outlined in a clear and direct way, users can easily find what they are looking for while the brand maximises opportunities to tell their brand story and convert customers.

These welcome journey links in the message are taggable and trackable. Your brand can track the behaviour and their preferred next steps within your brand’s WeChat marketing platform Official Account (OA) and WeChat Storefront Mini Program (MP). Collecting behavioural data would empower your marketing team to gain insights into customers and conduct targeted marketing campaigns for more sales. 


Showcase: WeChat 3D Product View

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The WeChat 3D product view feature is a new way for businesses to showcase their products online. This feature allows businesses to create a 3D product view that can be rotated and zoomed in on. This is a great way to display your products in a more immersive way and to give your customers a better idea of what your product looks like. The WeChat 3D product view feature is a great way to promote O2O commerce or personal appointment booking which is important in the luxury leather goods’ customer journey.

Rimowa showcases its products in WeChat Storefront (Mini Program) with 3D views. Users can place an order with a click in the 3D showcase room.

Users can easily change colours and view the internal and external design of a product by clicking on the tags in the 3D showcase room.


Personal Touch: 1:1 Online Consultation Service

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Luxury brands can use WeChat to reach their target market in China and provide a 1:1 online consultation service to potential customers. This service allows customers to ask questions about products, get recommendations, and even make purchases all through WeChat.

1:1 online consultation services on WeChat provide a number of benefits for luxury brands, including:

  • Increased sales: by providing a convenient way for customers to ask questions and make purchases, brands can improve ROI.

  • Improved customer service: customers can get their questions answered more quickly, allowing them to be serviced in a more efficient manner.

  • Faster processing time: customers who place an order through product links sent by the sales advisor can reduce product browsing time. If the customers place an order through product links, they can get their orders and transactions processed in a shorter amount of time. This helps them to receive their products or services quicker.

Gucci provides 1:1 online consultation service for users to check out leather goods before placing a purchase. Users can book a live consultation appointment by clicking on the booking button on product pages.


Social Leverage: Gifting Items from Friend’s WeChat Wishlist

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WeChat makes it easy for users to send their friends his or her own wishlist, and friends then finish the payments for them. For example, Burberry provides such a service where users can select gifts they like, then fill in the delivery information and send the link to their friends who will do the payments. The advantage of this WeChat gifting service are:

  • It provides an opportunity for friends to show appreciation and support to each other.

  • It helps build relationships with potential customers. By giving friends the products they've requested, users can create stronger connections with the brand and increase loyalty. 

  • WeChat's gifting feature can help spread the word about the brand among friends with similar demographics, which can garner organic exposure for your brand. 


Instant Service: Location-based Direct WeCom Contact of Sales Advisor

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Moynat offers instant service at the beginning of its Welcome Journey. Based on user locations, they would be directed to the WeCom Contact of a sales advisor (SA) of the closest store. Users can add the sales advisor’s WeCom with their WeChat account and ask questions in the live chat.

WeCom enables direct user-brand communication. Brands then can leverage information given by users directly (zero-party data) to increase conversion. 

Zero-party data from WeCom contact of a SA to users can shorten the path to value on WeChat by providing a more personalised, detailed, and engaging approach to communication. 

This type of contact enables SAs to communicate more quickly and directly with customers and make more tailored offers for products and services. Additionally, the ability for SAs to access customer data, including demographics and preferences, helps them identify more effectively the interests of customers and therefore target users more effectively in their promotions. This helps to get relevant, personalised content and offers to customers that may lead to increased sales.

ChatLabs helps luxury brands integrate data in a compliant manner from Chinese social channels into their owned systems and CRM. We leverage 360° China data to power hyper-personalised, engaging, and highly-converting social customer experiences that nurture brand loyalty. Check out our social marketing, sales (WeCom) and customer service solutions for more information.

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