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The Ultimate Omnichannel Luxury Experience for China

Webinar: Tencent Cloud x ChatLabs

May 7, 2022 | Joyphie Yu

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Why Should Global Luxury Businesses Employ WeChat as the Primary Social Commerce Channel in China ?
  • WeChat, among other luxury goods distribution channels such as social media and short video platforms, engages 53% of the Chinese netizens in the discovery and research phases of luxury products

  • WeChat Mini Program (MP) provides citizens in lower-tier cities with direct access to the luxury brands that would otherwise only be available in top-tier cities

  • WeChat expands your reach in China as the SUPERapp has a 95% netizen (citizens who have access to Internet in China) penetration rate in China 

WeChat is a social commerce SUPERapp for Luxury businesses. Source: Tencent

Source: Tencent 

WeChat penetration in China is phenomenal. Source: Tencent

Source: Tencent 


What Does an All-Encompassing Tencent Ecosystem Mean for Luxury Brands in China ?

The all-encompassing Tencent product portfolio makes a seamless luxury experience for China possible. Users can easily share product videos from key opinion consumers (KOCs) or key opinion leaders (KOLs), play branded mini-games, get informed of the latest fashion news, search for latest collections in the WeChat native browser and purchase anticipated and recommended luxury products all in one unified experience. 

Tencent product portfolio enriches luxury experience in China

Source: Tencent


What Does the SUPERapp WeChat Mean for Luxury Brands in China ?

WeChat is the SUPERapp with the biggest number of users in China. Luxury brands in China can use a set of natives tools in WeChat as a means to:

  • connect with its targeted audience through social sharing and private conversations

  • inform followers of contents and information they are interested in

  • guide customers with sales supports and to finish purchase processes

  • co-create brand experiences with high life-time-value customers

WeChat native tools for luxury brands to co-create UX with customers

Source: Tencent

Leverage WeChat Touchpoints to Enrich Customer Journeys

The WeChat ecosystem acts as a blank canvas on which brands can build almost any type of digital experience imaginable: from building e-commerce stores with VR try-ons, designing branded mini-games to launching NFTs, brands can build creative and memorable experiences to impress their Chinese customers. WeChat is home for Luxury brands in China to create personalized customer journeys that increase sales, build customer loyalty and activate innovation power.

WeChat Mini Program varieties help luxury branding and sales

Source: Tencent

Employ WeCom to Gain Transparency over the Entire Sales Activities

While WeChat private accounts allow 1-on-1 private conversations between sales representatives and customers, luxury brands could face a lack of transparency and control over these private conversations. More importantly, brands could risk losing customer contacts and data when sales associates leave with their private WeChat accounts.

Therefore Tencent introduced a “WeChat for Work” solution - WeCom, which endows luxury commerce in China with top-notch online and offline sales experiences. WeCom’s comprehensive dashboard grants sales representatives a full view on real-time sales performance metrics to service their customers personally. 

There are 3 competitive advantages of using WeCom to gain transparency over your sales activities:

  • Enabling direct supports and intimate conversations between personal shoppers/sales associates and customers

  • WeCom Integration with the global CRM, database, data management, marketing cloud, native apps of your company

  • Providing unified brand image

WeCom stitches global CRM and company native apps for 360-customer views

Source: Tencent

Tencent Cloud x ChatLabs

The Ultimate Omnichannel Luxury Experience for China

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