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Driving Exceptional Experiences: China sCRM Best Practices for Luxury Marketers

August 8, 2023 | Joyphie Yu


For luxury brands to thrive in China's dynamic market, integrating social CRM (sCRM) is essential to deliver the exceptional customer experiences today's consumers expect.

Integrating social CRM and CDP enables luxury marketers to drive hyper-personalized engagement and marketing automation. This empowers brands to craft tailored social commerce experiences that make consumers feel valued.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore best practices for luxury brands to maximize customer experiences and performance with China social CRM.

The Modern Luxury Consumer in China

Today's luxury consumers in China are digitally savvy, constantly connected, and well-informed. Luxury is now accessible to millions of newly affluent consumers as well. 

High-net-worth individuals alone are projected to reach 2.8 million by 2025. With exclusivity diminished, brands need new ways to convey prestige.

BCG finds 41% of affluent consumers expect to communicate with luxury brands via social apps. Yet 72% say current interactions feel impersonal, highlighting the need for tailored brand relationships and exchanges that feel like human conversations.

Integrating CDP and Social CRM

To harness social CRM's power, luxury brands should integrate their CDP. A CDP serves as a hub collecting, storing and managing data across touchpoints.

Integrating CDP and social CRM gives a holistic customer view and enables seamless data sharing between marketing platforms. This powers marketing automation to implement personalized engagement at scale.

Social CRM Strategies for Exceptional Experiences

Let's explore proven social CRM strategies for delivering exceptional luxury brand experiences.

Frictionless WeChat Commerce Journeys

WeChat's ubiquitous ecosystem provides a powerful platform for social CRM. Luxury brands integrating commerce into WeChat-based experiences have seen substantial lifts. 

Omnichannel Personalization

Unified consumer profiles enable coordination across WeChat messaging, mini-programs, Official Accounts and more. This powers consistent, tailored experiences across touchpoints.

Owned Social Channels 

Official Accounts, Stores and Groups allow owned social followings. Content and community management can be personalized for each member. 

CRM-Driven Marketing

CRM data informs tailored WeChat Moment and Story ads personalized to individuals based on their engagement and behaviors.

Measurement and Optimization 

Optimizing journeys for engagement and conversion is enabled by analyzing cross-channel data flows. WeCom's Smart Retail strengthens analytics.

WeChat provides the ecosystem for frictionless commerce. Seamless integrations and personalized coordination drive exceptional experiences.

Crafting Tailored Brand Storytelling

Today's luxury consumers seek deeper brand relationships grounded in shared values. This requires personalized brand storytelling.

Strategies include:

Welcome Series 

New subscribers can be greeted with a sequence introducing brand heritage and values tailored to their interests.

Interactive Conversations

Conversational interfaces make every consumer touchpoint feel like a personalized dialogue. 

Triggered Engagement 

Prompts for feedback and content tailored to consumers' interests can re-engage during periods of low app usage.

Lookbook Curation

Consumers receive curated new arrival reveal sequences and lookbooks based on their product style profiles.

Reshared Social Content

Users see fresh updates showcasing products they previously liked on social media.

In-the-Moment Recommendations

On-site experiences can showcase products and content matched to each user's interests in real-time.

Optimizing Owned Social Channels

Luxury brands can extend their reach and foster engagement through owned social presences. Optimizing content relevance is key.

Targeted Posts 

Identifying trends and products likely to resonate with channel members based on their interests informs content creation. 

Personalized Engagement 

Tactics like tailored greetings, recommendations and responses make followers feel recognized. 

Automated Chat

Automated chatbots handle routine customer service inquiries, freeing staff for high-value interactions.

Curated Recommendations

Followers can receive suggestions for relevant products, content and influencers based on their preferences.

CRM Integration

Tying owned initiatives into CRM enables measuring true marketing ROI across consumer journeys.


Delivering exceptional experiences is crucial for luxury brands to thrive amid intense China competition. Integrating CDP and social CRM provides the data foundation and personalization needed.

Tactics like frictionless WeChat commerce journeys, tailored brand storytelling and owned social channel optimization enable brands to drive the tailored, high-touch engagement modern luxury consumers seek.

Adopting proven social CRM strategies powered by integrated data is key for luxury brands to foster lasting consumer relationships and stand out in China's dynamic market.

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