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2023 China Marketing Calendar


The start of the Chinese New Year is on the 22nd of January, 2023. We wish you an early ‘Happy New Year’ and may love, joy & peace, and new strength be with you and your family all year round.

Our team created a 2023 China Marketing Calendar for you, which discloses Monthly Marketing Keywords & Social Media Topics for your brand’s inspiration:

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Jan 1 New Year

Marketing Keywords:

新年(New Year)

春运(Spring Festival Travel Rush)

兔年(the Year of Rabbit)

跨年(Crossover to the New Year)

新年仪式感(Sense of Ceremony for New Year)

新起点(New Starting Point)

年末目标达成(Goals Accomplised at the End of the Year)

年会抽奖(New Year's Gala Lucky Draw)

Social Media Topics:

#新年的第一XX#(New Year‘s First XX)

#新年送礼指南#(New Year Gift Guide)

#新年计划/愿望#(New Year Plan & Wish)

Jan 21 - Jan 27 Spring Festival

Marketing Keywords:

年夜饭(New Year‘s Eve Dinner)


守岁(Chinese New Year Crossover)

红包(Red Packet)

春晚(Spring Festival Gala)

催婚(Pressure Someone to Get Married)


Social Media Topics:

#年夜饭菜单#(New Year‘s Eve Dinner Menu)

#新年祈福攻略#(New Year Blessing 101)

#亲戚串门儿礼物推荐#(Gift Recommendations for Relative Visits)

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Feb 5 Lantern Festival

Marketing Keywords:

元宵节 (Lantern Festival)

正月十五 (the 15th Day of the 1st Lunar Month = Lantern Festival)

新年仪式感 (Sense of Ceremony for New Year)

Social Media Topics:

#团团圆圆 粘粘甜甜#(Reunion & Sweetness)

#过完元宵节才算过完年#(Spring Festival is not Complete until the Lantern Festival is Over)

#一起猜灯谜#(Guess Lantern Riddles)

Feb 14 Valentine's Day

Marketing Keywords:

情人节 (Valentine's Day)

表白 (Love Confession)

情书 (Love Letter)

爱心 (Loving Heart)

仪式感 (Sense of Ceremony)

催婚 (Force Someone to Get Married)

相亲 (Blind Date)

Social Media Topics for Friends & Family:

#情人节心意指南#(Gift Guide for Valentine's Day)

Social Media Topics for Couples:

#为爱告白#(Love Confession)

#情人节限定#(Valentine's Day Limited Edition)

#强化仪式感#(Strengthen the Sense of Ceremony)

#反思维“劝分手”#(Reverse Thinking: How to Break up in the Season of Love)

Social Media Topics for Singles:

#取悦自己#(Please Oneself)

#脱单攻略#(How to Get into a Relationship)

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Sep 1 Start of Autumn(立秋)/Winter Semester

Marketing Keywords:


军训(Military Training)

焕新(New Start)

Social Media Topics:

#开学季学生穿搭#(Dress Guide for Students)

#开学前一夜#(One Night Before the Start of Autumn/Winter Semester)

#同桌的故事#(the Story of My Deskmate)

*Start of Autumn(立秋) is the 13th solar term of the 24 solar terms. It marks the beginning of autumn and the end of a hot summer.

Sep 10 Teachers' Day

Marketing Keywords:





师生情(Teacher-Student Relationship)

Social Media Topics:

#老师说#(Teacher Said)

#致敬人民教师#(Tribute to People's Teachers)

#老师您辛苦了#(Teachers, Thank You!)

Sep 29 Mid-Autumn Festival

Marketing Keywords:


吃月饼(Eat Mooncakes)

赏月(Enjoy the Moon)

Social Media Topics:

#中秋园游会#(Mid-Autumn Garden Party)

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