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ChatLabs announces major upgrade to its Social Marketing Suite with the release of Dataflow

China’s first real-time 360° CDP for Social and 1st Party Data


Shanghai, Sep 29, 2022 - China Social Data & Experiences Management Platform ChatLabs is proud to introduce Dataflow, China's first real-time 360° CDP. Unify all China social data into a single real-time customer profile. Enable any department to create hyper-personalised meaningful engagements with your Chinese followers and customers through unified profiles that update in real-time. 

Dataflow is a secure, flexible, and scalable data solution that connects all China data from any social channel or real-time stream with out-of-the-box connections built on PIPL-compliant access controls and measures. It unifies real-time customer data into 360° profiles to identify clients and track their behaviors across social platforms. With profiles that indicate true interests and preferences, your brand can easily create hyper-personalised meaningful engagements with Chinese customers that build brand loyalty – all while staying compliant. 

“By providing real-time unified data and privacy, Dataflow lays a secure, flexible, and scalable foundation that empowers your brand to create an engaging, hyper-personalised experience during critical moments, when speed matter most.”


Join our Launch Webinar to Learn More

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Join us on Oct 27th (Thurs) at 5:30 pm China time / 10:30 am BST as Michel walks us through how interconnected channels and 360° data from Dataflow can help you create hyper-personalised targeted marketing campaigns that build loyalty with your Chinese customers.

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360° Customer Profiles with Social Data Integrated from Multiple China Channels

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Real-Time Activity Logging with Each Customer-brand Interaction

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Interactive Journey Builder with Attribute and Real-Time Event Triggers

The need for data management, security and compliance in China

China’s Personal Information Privacy Law (PIPL) that protects individuals’ rights over their data and regulates how their data may be used has been in effect since Nov 1, 2021. 

The PIPL applies to all individuals and organizations, in both public and private sectors, handling the personal data of people in China‘s borders, and failure to comply with this law could lead to: 

  • Suspended services

  • Confiscation of illegal income

  • Fine of up to 50 million RMB or 5% of an organization’s annual revenue for the prior financial year

To help international brands in China create hyper-personalised digital experiences while staying compliant with local regulations, ChatLabs has launched Dataflow. 

Fully leverage the power of unified real-time data with ChatLabs Solutions

When ChatLabs Dataflow is used in conjunction with ChatLabs’ 360° China solutions, the power of customer data can be fully unlocked with the right automated messages delivered at the right time to the right person.

  • With ChatLabs Marketing, marketers can personalise every campaign, journey, and social interactions in real-time to build a relationship that translates into brand loyalty.

  • With ChatLabs Commerce, retailers can maximize revenue on China's Social Chanels and guide your customers in real-time from exploration to conversion.

  • With ChatLabs Sales & Service, every sales and service staff can be equipped with real-time 360° customer insights to boost productivity and provide personalised services.

  • With our Salesforce native connectors, every customer profile can be completely synchronised with real-time behavioral records from your global Salesforce platform

Latest release of ChatLabs Marketing 5.0 fuels more powerful automated journeys for Chinese customers with real-time data

To fully leverage the power of connected data to build brand loyalty and increase customer lifetime value, ChatLabs has launched a new version of its China Marketing suite, which helps brands meet the consumer expectations of an ever-increasing level of personalisation in China. 

ChatLabs Marketing 5.0 Journey Builder Updates:

  • Interactive Drag-and-drop Journey Components

  • Condition-based Journey Triggers

  • Journey Frequency Limits

  • Journey Wait Time Settings

  • Contact Attribute Decision Splits

  • Contact Behavior Decision Splits

  • Edit Customer Static Segment 

  • Automate Message Delivery within 48-hour Window

  • Automate Template Message Deliveries

  • Automate SMS Deliveries with Contact Attribute Variables

Launch of Weibo Management System:

  • Integrate Weibo Account Follower List, Profiles, and Data

  • Record Fan Interactions with Brand Weibo Account

  • Publish Weibo Posts in CLM 

  • Scheduled Publishing of Weibo Posts

  • Post Approval Workflow

  • View Weibo Post Statistics e.g. Number of Likes, Comments, and Reposts 

Webinar Replay

How to Create Real-time, Personalised Campaigns Using 360° Data in China

For international brands in China to generate a unified, real-time 360 customer profile, it is vital to connect social channels, marketplaces, and your CRM data together in a COMPLIANT manner. Our ChatLabs 360 CDP does that, learn more by watching this webinar replay!


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