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What is private traffic? How have brands capitalized on the power of private traffic? How can I drive private traffic to my owned channels in China?

Private traffic refers to a customer pool that can be reached freely, without constraints in time and frequency. As opposed to public traffic, where you rely on the platforms to reach out to your target consumers, private traffic allows an authentic and direct relationship with your audience, usually through WeChat 1:1 chats, group chats, online communities, etc.

A digital-native Chinese beauty brand Perfect Diary has gained more than 17 million followers on social media platforms and more than 1 billion monthly online exposure in 2019, becoming the top makeup brand on Tmall Double 11. How did a 3-year-old brand achieve such exponential growth? By adopting private traffic as their growth strategy and driving followers to their owned channels on WeChat. They have 150 employees on their private traffic team to manage 5 million users (est. as of Dec 2019) and generated an estimated GMV from Private Traffic commerce between RMB 300 million and RMB 500 million in 2019.

Want to also tap into the power of private traffic? Start by adopting WeCom (formerly known as WeChat Work) to manage your private traffic. It has a host of tools that enables brands to help sales associates engage with users, including broadcast messages sent based on CRM segmentation and posting on customer's WeChat Moments.

Most importantly, brands can completely integrate WeCom (WeChat Work) and their Salesforce/CRM system + WeChat e-commerce mini program + WeChat Official Account + CMS to gain a 360 customer view, which can made available on-the-go through the ChatLabs Sales WeCom mini program. By providing your frontline staff with real-time insights, they can know what to recommend, how to answer customer questions, and provide the best customer experience for your clients.

Want to learn more about WeCom and how your brand can leverage it to drive growth? Contact us today!


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