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You Need to Be Using Parametric QR Codes EVERYWHERE. Here’s Why.

In last week’s blog post, we introduced the importance of WeChat 48-Hour Journeys, essentially the ability to create a series of personalized messages that encourage users to engage with your brand’s Official Account with the ultimate goal of driving them to take some sort of action, whether that is making a purchase, binding their phone number, or joining a loyalty program.

However, journeys are only effective if you can get users to trigger them. To continue the email funnel analogy we used last week, you can have the best funnel in the world, but for it to work, you first must get people to sign up for your email list!

The WeChat equivalent to an email list sign up button would be a parametric QR code. While there are numerous ways for a person to launch a 48-hour journey, one of the main ways is by using their WeChat app to scan a QR code which triggers the activation of the specific journey connected to that particular code.

What's more, these parametric QR codes not only activate 48-hour journeys, they also give brands valuable information about the person who scanned the code including the location that the QR code was scanned, allowing brands to track follower sources and identify which QR codes are most effective.

You can never have too many QR Codes

Considering this, brands should deploy QR codes wherever possible. Any and every brand touchpoint should have a QR code programmed with a relevant journey to not miss out an any opportunity to capture consumers.

Include them on all marketing materials such as business cards, advertising, banners, and brochures, as well as online channels, such as your website and other social media platforms.

Offline channels are also extremely important. If your brand has an offline presence, QR codes should be placed throughout the store or restaurant, particularly at the point of sale. Or if you are hosting an event, include QR codes on the event collateral.

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Incentivize users to scan:

If your QR code is visible there are some people that will naturally scan it out of curiosity, however, the percentage of people is relatively low. To dramatically increase the number of people who scan the code, give them incentives such as free samples or discounts. Here are a couple examples of brands using parametric QR codes + incentives:

Xiabu Xiabu (呷哺呷哺 ) Hotpot

Xiabu Xiabu, a traditional brick and mortar hot pot restaurant, placed QR codes on all its tables. If customers scanned the QR code during their meal and followed Xiabu Xiabu’s Official Account, they would receive a coupon code allowing them to get free hot pot broth. Although the cost of the broth is very low, less than $2 USD, the QR codes did extremely well, having an 87% conversion rate! This is likely because broth is a necessary component of a hot pot meal, so the promotion benefitted all customers.

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The poster on the tables at Xiabu Xiabu stores outlining the offer.

Estee Lauder Travel Retail:

Lucky Draws are another great incentive, especially if the prize is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to meet popular heartthrob movie star Jing Boran! In order to enter the contest, consumers first had to purchase a product then scan a QR code and add the Estee Lauder Travel Retail Official Account. After adding the account, they had to enter a keyword and they would be sent the contest registration form. The form asked for the customer’s name, phone number, and receipt number. This allowed Estee Lauder to bind the customer’s phone number to their WeChat ID, as well as track their purchases.

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From left to right: User follows the account and receives customized welcome message prompting them to enter a keyword to register for the contest. User is sent a card and opens contest registration page. They fill out form to enter.

Cebu Pacific Airlines:

Taking advantage of the rainy season in Hong Kong, Cebu Pacific Airlines sprayed transparent waterproof QR codes on the street that only appeared when it was raining, along with the tagline “It’s sunny in Philippines.” When pedestrians scanned the codes, they could receive special deals on flights. The campaign was quite effective, leading to a 37% increase in online booking during the campaign period.

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Nike Sports Festival:

At a previous Nike Sports Festival in Shanghai, Nike incorporated QR codes into the event. Attendees could scan a code to participate in a badge-collecting game for a chance to win prizes. A total of 22,000 people scanned the code and joined the game over the course of the four-day festival.

Chinese consumers are accustomed to scanning QR codes for everything. Use this to your advantage. Parametric QR codes are a simple, yet powerful means to capture, engage, and track your clients and potential customers.

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