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WeChat Reveals TOP10 Most Liked Moment Ads in Q3

October 26, 2021 | Kejie Yi


What are your favorite Moments ads? What do you like about them? Last week WeChat revealed the Top 10 most liked Moments ads based on users’ interactions. Let’s take a look and see who were winning love from WeChat users.

A common trend among Q3 Moments Ads was that many brands were either raising questions or calling users to action in the comment area. As the first and top comment, it is easily noticed by users and can entice users to stop scrolling and watch the ad or ask users to leave comments below. Many of the videos presented in the ads had also added elements of suspense that invites users to find out more by watching the entire clip.

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01. MOST LIKES: Beats x Jackson Wang (王嘉尔)

Beats launched its new earphone collection called Studio Buds and announced the exciting news that Chinese singer Jackson Wang will be its global ambassador.

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This ad received the most likes among the TOP10 brands in the last quarter. In the comment area, Jackson was calling users to “Join his team of music,” which was actually a call to buy earphones. At the end of this ad journey, there was a link that guided users to Beats’ JD mini program.

Highlight: Have the KOL leave a call-to-action as the first comment to invite users to join, adding a sense of participation.

02. MOST COMMENTS: Tudor x Jay Zhou (周杰伦)

Jay Zhou is one of the most popular singers in China. He’s the childhood memory of many post-80s and post-90s Chinese.

In the ad, Tudor had its ambassador Jay acting as a client and performing magic to a sales associate at a store. This resonated with a lot of users as Jay is known for his love of magic tricks. Jay tricked the sales at the end of the video, leaving users to think what will happen next to him.

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Feature the brand ambassador’s hobbies and design a story around him and the brand.

03. Zenith x Sean Xiao (肖战)

Sean is a Chinese super idol with 296 billion followers on Weibo. Zenith announced him as the brand ambassador in July 2021. The interactions with this Weibo post completely broke the brand’s record. Zenith had an average of several thousand likes for one post, but for this announcement post, it had over 10 million likes PLUS more than 1 million reposts.

With such overwhelming popularity, it is easy to imagine what kind of reactions the ad with Sean has brought on WeChat. The brand used this great opportunity for brand exposure and gaining WeChat followers.

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04. Volvo

This ad is one of my personal favorites. . Here’s why.

It has the vibe of its classic ad back in 2019 with Jean-Claude Van Damme, which creatively demonstrated the stability and precision of Volvo’s Dynamic Steering. This time, Volvo’s Moments ad was showing its new electric car sinking in a 1.7-meters tall tank filled with water. After a few minutes, the car drove out of water under instruction from a controller. Its daring scenes were so exciting that users just had to keep watching until the end.

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  • Data binding: at the end of the ad, Volve guided WeChat users to leave their personal information and book an appointment to have a trial run of its cars.

  • Interactivity: Before clicking on the video, it was inviting users to swipe left to “drive the car out of the water”.

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Volvo showed more product information in the ad after playing the video.

05. Dior Beauty

The ad was to promote Dior Beauty’s Qixi collections. It was well-designed visually, which guided users to shop on its mini program and embedded a temporary page for users to get customized cover for Qixi Red Packet.

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06. Eleme x Wang Yibo (王一博)

Wang Yibo, another super idol in China. He and Sean Xiao were made famous by the same TV series called The Untamed (陈情令). Wang has 39 million followers on Weibo, and he is favored by both brands and fans alike.

The video was creative. The sentence 了么 “Le me” (in Chinese means “have you done something yet?”) kept showing up, echoing the name of the delivery platform: Eleme. Wang was showing users all the possibilities of what “could be done” on the app, such as ordering food delivery, buying flowers on anniversaries, ordering afternoon tea (a habit of many white collar workers as they get sleepy in the afternoon), and even booking reservations to escape rooms. In the end, there was a link to Eleme’s mini program.

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07. LOT OF COMMENTS: LOL x Jay Zhou (周杰伦)

Yes, it’s Jay Zhou again. Brands love to work with him.

The ad was to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of a popular mobile game LOL (League of Legends). In the video, Jay performed magic again and showed how LOL has accompanied them for 10 years, witnessing their ups and downs and memories with families through the years.

It was filmed from the perspective of Jay Zhou. The video gave the audience the feeling that Jay was walking them through him and his friends’ personal memories with LOL.

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08. HIGH ENGAGEMENTS: Jetta x Huang Bo (黄渤)

Jetta is a sub-brand from Volkswagen. This ad had one of the highest engagement rates. In the beginning, it showed Chinese actor Huang Bo knocking on the window of a car, asking permission from the girl who was sitting on the driving seat to open the window. There were characters on the screen suggesting Huang was about to express his love to someone/something, and as audience, we will have to “help” him roll down the window by drawing a line on the screen.

After the window was rolled down, Huang started to talk. He admitted that he had affection for the person/thing, and a card popped up on the screen, raising a question of “Who was Huang talking to?”. If users wanted to continue watching and figure out the answer, they will need to click on the card.

To my surprise, in the end, it turned out that Huang was not interested in the girl sitting in the car, but the car itself.

After finishing the video, users were presented with an information card to fill in that they could sign up to have a test drive. Below the card, there was more info about the car in the format of images and text.

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09. Tom Ford x Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin is a South Korean actor, but even as a foreigner, he has lots of Chinese female followers.

The ad started with a video filming him and the Oud Wood perfume from Tom Ford. After the video and a short introduction of the fragrance, three call-to-actions (CTAs) were presented: 1. Join Tom Ford’s membership 2. Check out the perfume in selected offline stores 3. Follow Tom Ford’s WeChat account.

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Offer users with different “next steps” to capture them at any stage of the purchasing journey, whether they’d like to get to know the brand and product more or if they’re ready to purchase.

10. JD x Liu Wen (刘雯)

Liu is a Chinese supermodel. She has 26 million followers on Weibo, one of the most famous models in China.

The ad had a similar kind of interaction to Jetta x Huang Bo’s. Users had to swipe right a bit to continue to watch the video, and while watching, a card pops up to raise a question and pique the users’ curiosity.

The video highlighted the benefits of shopping on JD, centered around three keywords: lower prices, authentic products, and fast delivery. In the end, there is a CTA to JD’s H5 page.

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