Hyper-personalisation through AI-Powered Social Experiences Platform

August 2, 2023 | Joyphie Yu

What is Hyper-Personalisation through AI-Powered Social Experiences Platform?

Hyper-personalisation through AI-powered Social Experiences is a process that involves leveraging customer data insights to create bespoke products and experiences that cater to individual preferences and needs. It allows brands to combine the best of social media and e-commerce, and effectively communicate their stories and values.

To inform the real-time creation of highly personalised and engaging products and experiences, AI algorithms keep learning the complex product discovery and conversion paths of each customer. Brands can gain valuable insights into the preferences and behaviours of their customers, and deliver each customer hyper-personalised social media-like browsing experiences, which can enrich product inspiration and discovery phases, increase the conversion rate and also nurture deeper customer loyalty.

What is the Difference between Traditional Social Commerce vs AI-Powered Social Experience?

The challenge of the traditional social commerce:

Social media platforms are designed to captivate users and stimulate curiosity. A fully personalised feed allows users to swipe through content for extended periods, encouraging exploration and engagement.

But e-commerce platforms are optimised for efficiency, where customers can quickly search for and purchase products with minimal clicks and time spent.

That’s why many brands face the challenge of a high drop-off rate when customers are directed to their website or app from social media platforms, as consumers are exposed to an experience that is vastly different from where they came from. To address this issue in the customer experiences in traditional social commerce, brands need to rethink the user experience paradigm and incorporate the best elements of social media and e-commerce into their own digital experiences. 

What is an AI-powered Social Experience?

An AI-powered social experience empowers brands to provide personalised experiences to each individual customer, akin to social media, but with a clear conversion funnel in place. 

The process begins by taking the creative context that inspired the consumer to explore further, followed by identifying the brand's conversion goals. With the help of AI technology, a personalised journey is then generated for each individual that is most likely to lead them towards those goals.

For instance, if a user is inspired by a social media post related to high jewellery and taps through to a brand-owned social experience, the AI generates a sequence of relevant content prioritising the brand story, craftsmanship, and design. This creates a familiar and engaging experience for the user, and as they interact with the content, the feed becomes smarter and more personalised based on their behaviour and interests.

The user's intent is continuously monitored to determine whether they are exploring or looking to buy. If the user enters from a different context, such as a bridal campaign, the AI generates a different content sequence that is more commercially focused. Along with brand content, the AI recommends relevant products and actions that the user is likely to convert on, such as connecting with brand ambassadors for expert advice.

When the user is ready to make a purchase, the AI promotes an action to buy directly from the experience. With AI-powered social commerce, brands are able to provide personalised experiences that nurture users towards conversion.

Benefits of AI-powered Social Experience

1. Reduce bounce rate from social traffic: With the power of AI, brands can create a seamless experience for users that begins with a hyper-personalised product discovery process within a brand-owned experience. This reduces the bounce rate from social traffic, as users are more likely to stay engaged and continue exploring instead of leaving after a single interaction.

2. Engage more and longer with consumers: By providing personalised and relevant content, the solution encourages users to engage with the brand for longer periods. Users are more likely to spend time exploring content that aligns with their interests, leading to higher engagement rates and deeper connections with the brand.

3. Increase your conversion: It creates a clear conversion funnel that guides users towards desired actions, such as making a purchase or connecting with brand ambassadors. It provides a personalised journey that is tailored to each user's preferences. Conversion is a result of the amount of storytelling content a customer consumes, rather than minimum clicks to basket.

4. Gain rich, valuable data on these consumers: The AI-driven solution collects data on user behaviour and interests, providing brands with valuable insights that can inform future marketing strategies and product development. Brands can use this data to understand their audience better and improve their overall customer experience.

How ChatLabs AI-Powered Social Experiences Platform (SXP) Helps Your Brand Drive Growth

ChatLabs Social Experiences Platform (SXP), winner of the LVMH Innovation Awards for Data & AI, uses AI-powered generative customer journey approach to enable brands to share their values in a highly personalised manner and direct traffic to an elevated consumer experience. 

Users and customers are then actively involved in consuming brand and product content, which can help brands create desirability through storytelling. When consumers are highly engaged with a brand’s content and storytelling, they are more likely to convert because they have a stronger connection to the brand and trust its recommendations. Hence, brands can increase their conversion rates and grow their customer base.

With pre-built connectors for platforms such as Salesforce, Adobe, and CommerceTools, brands can deploy the AI-enhanced solution quickly and at scale. This allows brands to integrate the technology seamlessly into their existing systems and processes, without the need for extensive development or technical expertise.

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