2022 China Social Rankings

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2022 China Social Rankings of 100 Luxury & Beauty Brands

We ranked 100 luxury and beauty brands with presences on the Chinese Social Commerce Platforms WeChat, Douyin & Little Red Book based on the marketing, sales, and service experiences they offer.

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Alibaba Cloud Outstanding Partner Award

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alibaba x chatlabs
ChatLabs Wins the Alibaba Cloud Outstanding Partner Award!

This award was given in recognition of our longstanding partnership with Alibaba Cloud in providing technological solutions for leading global brands.

In particular, this award recognises ChatLabs’ innovative new social storefronts solution tailored to meet the needs of global brands opening up social storefronts in China whilst maintaining regulatory compliance and full integration with Salesforce social commerce solutions supported by Alibaba Cloud. 

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What Does Chatlabs Do

We help brands integrate data from Chinese social channels into their owned systems and CRM in a compliant manner and leverage this to power hyper-personalised, engaging, and highly-converting social customer experiences that nurtures brand loyalty.We help brands integrate data from Chinese social channels into their owned systems and CRM in a compliant manner and leverage this to power hyper-personalised, engaging, and highly-converting social customer experiences that nurtures brand loyalty.

Why ChatLabs
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ChatLabs helps brands succeed in China by unifying social data with CRM to create personalised 360° experiences that win the hearts of Chinese consumers.

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ChatLabs partners with leading CRM and cloud solutions providers to provide native China channel connectors for Salesforce, Tencent, and Alibaba.

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ChatLabs solutions are certified by ISO20007 and MLPS level 2. It also supports data residency and compliance with China’s data protection laws.

Trusted By Leading Global Brands

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The ChatLabs Platform

ChatLabs collects, unifies, segments, and activates online and offline data from all touchpoints into a single 360° customer view for your marketing, sales, customer support, and IT teams. Each component of the platform is powerful alone. But success in the China market resides in mobilising all of them for a synergistic flywheel that continues to build loyalty with your Chinese consumers.  

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Data Unification

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Salesforce/CRM Integration

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Journey Automation

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360° Experiences

Our Solutions Suite

Social Marketing

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Integrate Chinese social data with your owned systems and CRM to identify & segment your Chinese audiences for targeted engaging communications across channels.

Popular Features

  • 360° Social Customers Profiles  

  • 360° Cross-Social Marketing Automation

  • Salesforce Marketing & CRM Integration

Social Storefronts

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Convert on any China social by building fully-branded storefronts on key channels such as WeChat & Douyin with engaging commerce experiences i.e. livestreaming


  • Dynamic storefronts personalised for each user

  • Salesforce Social Commerce Integration

  • Manage various social storefronts in one place

Social Service

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Empower your sales and service staff with rich customer social data to personalise services and private clienteling tools to nurture loyalty by building 1:1 relationships.

Popular Features

  • Private and secure social clienteling tools

  • WeCom (WeChat Work) Integration

  • Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud Integration


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Build compliant unified 360° Customer Profiles that update in real-time with data integrated from every Chinese social channel, website and Salesforce CRM.

Popular Features

  • China-Specific Data Compliance

  • Secure & Scalable Mesh Technology

  • Salesforce Native Connectors

Customer-Centric Experiences

Powered by Social Data

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Why ChatLabs?

We use our innovative mesh technology to connect data points from all social channels and form 360° views of single users to create personal, relevant, and customer-centric social experiences.

3 Keys to Brand Success in China


Adopt our flexible & scalable mesh solution for a complete integration as more social channels emerge in the ever-expanding digital ecosystem.


Enable cross-functional data interoperability to facilitate collaboration between departments to execute a unified China strategy.


Create customer-centric experiences by leveraging 360° social data to personalise content that nurtures prospects into clients.

How our Platform Helps Each Business Function

Interconnected Channels for Data Sharing and Interoperability Between Teams

For Marketers

Marketers understand the challenges of creating hyper-personalised content and engaging campaigns especially in China where data siloed across different channels leave brands without a complete information on customer behaviours and preferences. ChatLabs help marketers identify and segment users to create relevant content and automated journeys that engages and provides value for users. We provide 360° views of customer social behaviour and the tools to engage them on the channel they are at, with the right messaging, at the right time.

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For Sales Teams

Increasing the lifetime value of customers lies in building and nurturing brand-customer relationships. By gaining a 360° view of customer behavioural data collected from all social channels and connecting with them through our Social Customer Care clienteling solution, sales associates can provide clients with personalised services and automate targeted sales messages in a one-to-one manner that translates into brand trust and loyalty. Our Social Storefronts solution also help sales teams seize conversion opportunities by meeting customers where they're at and creating seamless conversion experiences on any key China social channels such as WeChat, Douyin Xiaohongshu, .cn sites.

For IT Professionals

Our scalable and flexible data mesh technology breaks down data siloes and allows brands to integrate and aggregate data from key China social channels and owned systems into one platform for cross-departmental interoperability and collaboration in executing a unified China strategy. In addition to being certified by ISO20007 and MLPS Level 2, we have also customised privacy solutions specifically to help brands stay compliant with China's Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) while teams still able to leverage customer data in a compliant manner to create hyper-personalised social experiences.

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Our Technical Partners

Working together to build a scalable and compliant China data infrastructure for your success.

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Bringing their worldwide platform to China

We partner with Salesforce to provide:

  • Native integrations with Salesforce Marketing, Sales, Service, and Commerce Cloud

  • 360° customer profiles by integrating user data from all social channels

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China's largest social ecosystem

We partner with Tencent to provide:

  • Native integrations and experience automation with WeChat and WeCom (WeChat Work)

  • Ensure compliance with local data residency by hosting domestically on Tencent Cloud

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China's largest digital marketpalce

We partner with Alibaba to provide:

  • Connections between brand social storefronts and their Social Commerce platform

  • Integrate TMall social data whilst supporting data compliance through domestic hosting

Our Creative Partners

Crafting localised strategy and messaging for your Chinese consumers.

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Alibaba Cloud

Product Ecosystem Partner

Outstanding Cooperation Award

Case Studies

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Delvaux's Automated WeChat Journeys

Find out how Delvaux engaged the Chinese luxury consumers by:

  • Identifying followers through data binding and gathering insights for segmentation

  • Personalising messages to build brand-consumer relationships and guide users along the consumer journey

  • Automated engagement and marketing experiences by integrating their China channels with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Featured Webinar

Salesforce x Delvaux x ChatLabs

The Power of Automated WeChat Journeys

Alison from Salesforce will introduce Salesforce and how companies have used it to build relationships with customers in China. Next, Tom from ChatLabs will outline the practicals of the WeChat x Salesforce integration and building out customer journeys via SFMC. Jerri Ng from Delvaux will join as a panelist to discuss how the world's oldest fine leather luxury goods house creates automated digital experiences on WeChat through Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


Trusted by Global Premium Brands

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"ChatLabs has been a reliable partner for us from day one. Not only did they have the kind of WeChat CRM solutions we needed, but also the strategies, working with us to make sure we were truly engaging our customers. We feel that we have a true partner that is supporting our goals and keeping us in the know in China’s ever-evolving digital ecosystem. "


Deepen Your Understanding of the China Market & Leverage a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to Optimize Your China Marketing, Service & Sales Experiences

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Financial Services Whitepaper

Digital Transformation Catered to the Chinese Consumer

As digital transformation alters the competitive landscape of the financial services industry, consumers will continue to expect higher accessibility, faster services, and a more seamless omnichannel experience.

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2021 Chinese Mobile Network Annual Report

The statistics on Chinese mobile users in 2021 are out! Here are some key takeaways from the report.

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Salesforce x ChatLabs

Leveraging the Power of Social Commerce in China

8 out of 10 Chinese social media users have participated in social commerce, amounting to at least 795 million social shoppers in 2021.

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Understand China's Digital Ecosystem

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China Data Compliance

What Does China’s New Personal Information Protection Law, PIPL, Mean for International Companies?

What is the PIPL? How is it different to GDPR/CCPA? How will PIPL affect international companies' operational functions in China?

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Special Edition

2021 Luxury & Beauty Brands WeChat Rankings

Which luxury and beauty brands are offering the BEST marketing, sales, and service WeChat experiences? Get our report now to find out!

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The New WeChat KPIs: 6 Ways to Measure Your OA’s Success in 2021

WeChat has evolved, have your KPIs evolved along with it?

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