Plug-and-Play Social Commerce - powered by AI

We Convert Social Media Traffic Into Sales & Brand Equity.

Our unique technology detects social shopper intent and puts them on the perfect shopping journey unique to them.

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LVMH Innovation Award for Data & AI

At VivaTech Paris, Europe's largest startup conference, LVMH unveiled ChatLabs as the winner out of a grand total of 1320 startup applications, paving the way for adoption across the luxury group.
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the immense opportunity on social channels

social commerce has become an indispensable part of brand growth and revenue stream
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  • Worldwide social media users growing 5.9% YOY, with an average YOY growth rate of 10.2%

  • 64% of consumers purchase through social channels

  • 28% of online sales are expected to come from social commerce by 2025

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the problem: social traffic is 50% less likely to convert

despite the efforts and investments to capture user attention, brands face a common challenge
  • Users spend 4 hours a day on social media, but only 2 minutes on your e-commerce site

  • The average conversion rates for major social media platforms usually fall between 0.54%-9.21%

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why do social traffic not convert

the consumer expectation when coming from social is entertainment and inspiration with an intuitive and personalized content exploration journey just like the channel they came from


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now imagine a world where...

your e-commerce site is as engaging and intuitive as social media

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An AI powered commerce experience optimised for social

our Social eXperiences Platform (SXP) was developed to make e-commerce feel like social media.
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SXP generates per-user content feed that starts by taking the context of the social post users were first inspired by, then personalized through continuous analysis of user interests and intent.

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SXP mimics the social media experience by providing a swiping-based & intuitive interface filled with full-funnel content from brands that keeps users engaged and scrolling until they're ready to convert.

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Our generative AI technology ensures the right content is shown to the right users, paired with the right action at the right time, ensuring tangible results of maximum conversion & return on ad spend.


say goodbye to high bounce rates from social traffic

by bridging the gap between social media and brands through the power AI-powered hyper-personalized experiences, we are seeing amazing tangible results.

on average, brands that adopt SXP would see...

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how we maximize conversion with social traffic

how we leverage generative AI to deliver tangible results for brands
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We analyze the customer's source of inspiration and replicate that experience upon entry, ensuring a seamless and continuous journey that aligns with their expectations.

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Leveraging industry patterns and first-party data, we strategically map out the most effective path to conversion, tailoring our approach to drive persuasive messaging and actions.

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Real-time detection of in-session signals enables us to optimize each individual's experience, continuously refining their journey for maximum conversion potential.

Keep Your Customer Data Secure & Private

ChatLabs is committed to privacy and security.

PIPL, MLPS, and GDPR Compliant.

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ISO 27001 Certified

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GDPR Compliant

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PIPL & MLPS Compliant

Our Technology Partners

Working together to build a flexible, scalable, and compliant data infrastructure for your success.

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Bringing the next generation commerce

ChatLabs offers brands a highly scalable and customizable social experience management platform that leverages Commercetools' robust composable commerce capabilities.

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Create Extraordinary Personalized Experiences

ChatLabs facilitates native, real-time data integration with all social media channels in Adobe, enabling businesses to create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

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Global ERP Software Leader

Leverage ChatLabs' expertise within SAP's ecosystem, driving better customer experiences and unlocking valuable insights for improved decision-making.

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Leading CRM platform for brands

With Salesforce, we integrate social channels, enabling 360° customer profiles and seamless experiences through native connectors for Marketing, Sales, Service, and Commerce Cloud.

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China's largest social ecosystem

We partner with Tencent to provide native WeChat and WeCom integrations, whilst ensuring compliance and local data residency through domestic hosting on Tencent Cloud.

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China's cloud computing and e-commerce giant

ChatLabs partners with Alibaba to connect brand social storefronts and their Social Commerce platform, integrating TMall social data with domestic hosting for data compliance.

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