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To mitigate risk while traveling, 41% of Chinese travelers are opting for road trips. There has been a surge in interest in the great outdoors as it leaves enough room for social distancing.

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A recent ChatLabs study found that only 35% of DMO WeChat Accounts have an interactive welcome message that includes hyperlinks, mini program cards, an automated survey, or other interactive features that encourage new users to engage with and explore the account.

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The same ChatLabs study also found that only 40% of DMOs offer online ticketing or reservations from within their WeChat accounts, a massive missed opportunity to convert visitors while they are most interested.


Increase engagement among visitors

Resorts World Genting leveraged contests, offline QR codes, and targeted offers to organically increase WeChat Account engagement more than 100%.

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Travel Retail for Cosmetics

Travel Retail for Cosmetics

With several cosmetics brands featured in this travel retail WeChat account, the parent company uses surveys to segment users and deliver content customized to user preferences.

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Planning for the 2021/22 travel surge needs to begin now

The rate of Chinese overseas travel compounded with the fact that the standard traveler has been starved for overseas adventure means that 2021 could potentially see some of the biggest tourist numbers on record.

Yet tourists will be cautious. Leverage WeChat as a key tool to communicate reopening and safety information, share independent travel itineraries, provide customer service, and enable touchless payments and digital destination guides.

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