Capture and nurture prospects from the direct social network of your sales associates with WeCom Clienteling and offer one-to-one customer service directly via WeChat.

Capture Prospects


Simply by scanning a QR code, sales associates can connect to prospects in a similar way to WeChat.


The prospect can be matched to the company CRM such as Salesforce (a process called binding), and additional information, including what they may be interested in or if any follow up is needed, can be added.


Now that the sales associates are connected and the contact is synchronised with the CRM, the brand always has an updated 360-degree view of the client, including recent WeChat conversations, WeChat calls, and purchases.

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Data In

The wealth of data generated during the sales cycle by the sales associate gets stored domestically. Other systems such as Point-of-Sale can easily feed into this for a more complete customer view.

Data Out

All data that has been captured can be synchronised with Salesforce in real-time.


Clever compliance features allow you to mask, anonymise, or encrypt data before sending it.

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