Collect rich data on your social followers, segment them based on their social behaviors, and engage them with personalized content and experiences.

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360 Social Profile


Collect social information from Chinese social media platforms, including follower data, content consumption, and social account interactions.


Automatically tag social followers based on desired interaction and create customer groups based on one or multiple tags.


Share the behavioral data, interest tagging, and segmentation of social users with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to enable marketing automation with consumers in China.



Keep users engaged by enabling customer journey automation with custom activities for personalised social broadcasts, messaging, and domestic SMS.


Manage rich content templates specifically for usage on WeChat or (Super) SMS formats.


Deliver premium experiences for users by customizing messages with their profile variables.

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WeChat Management


Personalize navigation bars in WeChat Official Accounts for each user segment to provide the most efficient support.

QR Codes

Utilize these ubiquitous codes to track follower sources and even customize the Welcome Journey based on different entry channels.


Answer user questions at "China speed" by setting up automatic replies that direct users to the most relevant resource.

Customer Service

Chat Management

Optimise customer service on WeChat with clever agent routing, chat forwarding, and agent notifications.

Service Management

Ensure all agents are performing at their best with deep insights into their KPI's and qualitative performance.

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Safely integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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