Support data residency and compliance with China’s data protection laws. Capture and store data locally and provide access in a compliant manner.

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Data Privacy


Collect customer data domestically from a variety of touch points such as social media, digital experiences, e-commerce platforms, point of sale, and customer service.


Capture the level of consent given for every category of customer data.

Data Residency

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

All ingested data is centrally stored on a secure, dedicated CDP hosted on its own tenant on Tencent Cloud domestically in China.

Identity Resolution

Where data can be correlated to the same person, this is mapped to their identity.

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Data Transfer


Sensitive data can be encrypted before it is transferred to other systems.


Sensitive data can be replaced with 'fake' similar-format data to prevent sensitive data being viewed outside China.


Data that is requested can be minimised to only send back the critical information that the requesting system is allowed to use from a privacy perspective.

Data Hub

Data Views

Dataflow has the flexibility to create different data views for different use cases. Everything from redacted data views for head office teams or specific operational data views to support local systems.

Access Controls

For different users and roles, data access can be configured on an object or data set level to support additional levels of compliance.

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Additional compliance support for your Salesforce integration.

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