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Get to know our ChatLabs family.

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Michel Tjoeng 张灵星


SVP Sales & Marketing

His (unpronounceable) name shows his European and Asian descent. Used to be a client but loved the ChatLabs team so much he decided to join. An avid Star Wars fan and enjoys walks with his two little ones.

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Gray Guo 郭晓晖

VP of Operations

A part of ChatLabs since time immemorial. Down-to-earth vibes, carpe diem lifestyle, but we call him “The Boss.”

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Ray Guo 郭锐

VP of Administration

Basically “grew up” with ChatLabs. Likes reading and playing Nintendo Switch, but none of these hobbies compare to going on a drive with his wife and daughter.

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Kate Qian 钱芳

Account Director

I am Kate Qian, an accomplished Account Director at ChatLabs Shanghai since 2021, specializing in marketing research, strategy consulting, and customer success services for our prime clients in Shanghai.

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Max Hu 胡虹仪

Solution Consultant

Raised by having Portuguese custard tarts, and then studied with an In-N-Out Burger and Lee's Coffee at hand, and now working while enjoying a Pineapple bun and milk tea. From this short bio you can tell she is a foodie.

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Karajan Xiao 肖扬

Business Development Representative

Loving California sunshine, Missing 42nd St. of New York City. You can call me Kara and ask for shopping advice.

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Pan 潘彦宏

Technical Director

Tech junkie: loves to join discussions on new tech and play with new software or electronic products. But spends weekends with his family.

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Xiana Chin 覃心璇

Senior Marketing Manager

Always up to something: playing sports, learning languages, going on bike rides, being an occasional couch potato, and, of course, planning events.

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Peter Cao 曹衡

Senior Account Manager

A passionate storyteller, nature lover, and Chelsea football club fan. He loves to explore different cultures and watch Chelsea beating other football teams.

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Doris Yang 杨妙玲


When not crunching the numbers, she’s crunching on office snacks. The best “numbers person” you could ask for.

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Sida Yan 颜斯达

Test Engineer

Never passes up a good barbecue or basketball game. As our test engineer, he's known as “The One with the Most Answers.”

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Cynthia Li 李尧晖

Front-End Developer

Enjoys singing (even though she thinks she’s a bit tone-deaf) and has a passion for food, puzzles, and arts & crafts. Always looking for opportunities to laugh and have fun.