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Chinese luxury consumers discover and research products on WeChat more than any other social media platform with 52% saying they discovered a product on WeChat and 43% doing research on WeChat.

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76% of Chinese consumers say they will be more appreciative of digital personalized clienteling compared to before COVID19, to the point they will expect to receive the same level of service in both online and offline channels

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Due to COVID19, 73% of Chinese plan to convert at least half of their yearly abroad luxury spend back to China in the next 12 months.


SMS + WeChat: A Multi-Channel Engagement Strategy

By integrating Salesforce customer journeys with WeChat and SMS, this brand offers a personalized after sales experience for customer across all 30 of its product categories.

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Reaching U.S.-Based Chinese Consumers Through KOLs & Tencent Ads

A combination of influencer posts and WeChat Moments ads received over 1,981,000 impressions and helped the store acquire 8,500 new Official Account followers

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Choosing a WeChat Mini Program Centric China Commerce Strategy

Brands are opting out of the large marketplaces – choosing to only offer e-commerce on WeChat where they can fully control traffic, custom data, and the customer experience.

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E-commerce mini programs are not a nice-to-have, they are a must-have.

With international tourism paused due to COVID19, the China luxury market is expected to boom. With the rise of online shopping in China, it is of utmost importance for global luxury brands to rethink marketing, sales, and commerce strategies to be closer to where clients are - WeChat.

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