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In China, the adoption rate of mobile banking services including checking bank balances, conducting transfers online, domestically, and overseas outweighs global adoption rate by 37%

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Chinese consumers’ adoption rate of mobile payment services is higher than the global adoption rate by 40.25%

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92% of Chinese consumers believe financial services should lead on creating and using emerging technologies that make doing business with them easier.


Paving the way

TD Ameritrade is a pioneer in the Western financial services industry, becoming the first U.S. brokerage firm to open a WeChat Offical Account and mini program.

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WeChat-Centric Customer Journey

From initial engagement and education all the way through signing up for an account, the firm uses WeChat to engage the consumer at every step of the way.

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Emerging Trends

WeChat Work for relationship management

A growing number of firms are opting to have Relationship Managers use WeChat Work to connect with HNW clients.

The benefit of WeChat Work is that it allows RMs to converse with clients on their preferred platform, but in a way that is safe, secure, and compliant. All conversation history can be archived and contact ownership will be managed and owned by the firm.

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