What We Do

Provide transformative WeChat strategies

Unlock the full potential of each consumer by building a digital strategy that uses all WeChat touchpoints.

Services include:

  • China digital strategy development
  • Risk mitigation planning
  • Journey and template message strategy

Integrate and leverage a host of business tools

Accelerate your growth with Chatlabs’ comprehensive CX Business Tool Suite.

Services include:

  • SCRM integration (Saleforce and Adobe Magento)
  • Journey building
  • Mini Program & HTML5 page development
  • Tencent Cloud integration

Optimize the WeChat customer experience

Increase engagement, retention, and conversion rates by providing relevant content personalized to each user.

Services include:

  • SCRM implementation & optimization strategy
  • Journey ideation
  • User data analysis
  • Content development

Deliver continuous ROI within the WeChat ecosystem

Improve results through regular testing and iteration. We do not believe in “set it and forget it.”

Services include:

  • AB testing on menus, journeys, Mini Programs, content formats, notifications, & other key touchpoints
  • Regular reports analyzing results

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